Things I managed to grow in the last 8 months:

Hair. Grows longer each week after consistently repeating the hair-shampoo-serum cycle for months now. Makes me happy until random aunty says, “ayyo mole mudi okke poyallo”. Yes aunty, olle sandoshavum poyi.

Tummy. Started sticking out the first month. Didn’t care. Grew bigger the second month. Still no care. Third month started with vigorous workout and strict diet but gave up midway. Tummy grew bigger each day, and along with it 63892 other flabs that I didn’t ask for.

Cheeks and Boobs. Can’t complain about these two you know? You’ll see!

Dark circles. Puffy eyes and dark circles. 4 months of fucked up sleep cycle and screentime, followed by 4 months of more screentime plus stress, all of it is stored in the bags under my eyes. I’m a hoarder you know?

Anxiety and overthinking. Haha. Ok. We’re not gonna talk about it yet.

Acceptance. Am I a fat bish with thin hair and eye bags that are darker than this country’s future? Yes. Do aunty’s find it funny to remind me of my thinning hair? Yes they do. Do I care. Hell yeah. Did I not make a mention of my overthinking? But can I also make the best out of this mess that I am? I guess. Here’s some proof.

Low-key wanted to put this out here because why not? Do not be deceived by this picture.
Keeping this here too.

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