A Perfectly Spendid Horror.

The Lady in the lake walks up to Dani and tells her how she doesn’t have a face because has been forgotten and has been sleeping, waking, walking for too long. As she says this, she enters Dani’s body chanting “its you, its me, its us.” Dani turns around and her face is now that of Bent Neck Lady who haunted Nell forever until death.

My dreams are often very intense. Last week, one afternoon I dreamt of a Hill House x Bly Manor crossover. Victoria Pedretti who plays both, Danielle from Bly Manor and Nell from Hill House switches from Dani to Nell’s Bent Neck Lady giving me a sleep paralysis which lasted longer than it should.

Hill House has left me with random shivers at night and sleep paralysis during the afternoons. It’s about staring into the darkness of the room and creating images out of shadows. It’s being afraid to open my eyes and seeing a woman with bent neck hanging on top of me, or a woman in white night-dress, drenched from top to bottom, staring at me with her incomplete face, erased with time.

Although the grotesque images from Hill House and Bly Manor flashes through my mind from time to time freezing my body, it isn’t just the ghosts that scare me. It’s attachments, detachments, abandonment, love that wins, love that fails, loneliness and denial. It is also consistency. Which I for one lack the most. Consistent like Viola who sleeps, wakes, walks every single day and night; taking anyone with her who stands in the way while she walks to her marital bed and back to the lake each night. She doesn’t stop. She gradually forgets why she walks up to that room each night expecting to see her little girl, but she won’t stop. Stubbornness taken over as a habit.

I don’t know how is it that I find this horror beautiful despite being scary enough to not let me sleep at night. Momentary chills followed by heat flashes all over my skin, from my feet to neck and all the way up to my forehead.

But, as Flora says, “You must stay in your bed and you must sleep the whole night.”

It’s Perfectly Spendid.

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