It almost feels like a dream. That moment when you were here, right next to me, your soft hairy arm over mine, pulling it away each time I try to pluck your arm-hair.

Your beard, curves outward right underneath your lip, and otherwise perfectly trimmed, tickling against my skin. Your moustache, with hues of brown here and there, covering your upper lip almost completely, leaving a little gap for it to peek at mine.

Your ears, they’re the perfect size. Perfect enough for you to think they look like monkey ears, perfect enough for me to comfortably move my fingers along the lobe when you’re talking.

Your eyes! How could I forget your eyes? Your big beautiful eyes! With those lush curly eyelashes lurking on the edges, almost pulling your eyelids down, half closed. Opens up each time you get excited to tell me something.

It almost feels like a dream, listening to you whisper words of comfort behind my ears, your warm breath against my neck. With a peck or two in between.

It almost feels like a dream, lying next to you, curled up in your warmth and longing for time to stop right there.

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